What it Means to Have Your Skill Go ‘Live’

Once you have completed developing your Skill, you can choose to make it go ‘live’.

What exactly is going ‘live’ and why should you choose to make your Skill ‘Live’?

Image source: Amazon Alexa

What is ‘Live’?

‘Live’ is the term used for publishing your Skill to the Amazon Alexa store. This is the final step to the completion of your Skill.

Going ‘Live’ gets your Skill on the market

When your Skill goes ‘Live’, it is added to the ‘Alexa Skills Store’ and will be available for downloading by users. If your Skill is permanently left in the development stage, other users will not be able to access it.

Users will be able to interact with your Skill

Once a user downloads your Skill via the ‘Alexa Skills Store’, they will be able to launch and interact with your Skill, making it more likely to be discovered by others.

Users can review and rate your Skill

After a user has interacted with your Skill, they will be able to rate your Skill from one to five stars and leave a review. This is great for your Skill, as it opens you up to both productive criticism and praise. When other users see that your Skill is highly rated, they will be more likely to launch your Skill!

Users can subscribe to purchases within your Skill

If your Skill has any packs available for purchase, the users can subscribe and pay for it.

Your Skill is more likely to get publicity

A ‘Live’ Skill is more likely to be seen by users. Some of these users may spread the word about your Skill by sharing your Skill on their social media and blog sites.

You can consistently continue to update your Skill whilst ‘Live’

Just because your Skill is now ‘Live’ doesn’t mean that you can no longer update!

You can constantly add new features and alter your coding to your Skill and then ‘Promote to Live’ when pushing your edits. Frequent updating usually leads to a happier audience when interacting with your Skill!

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