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A beginners guide to Alexa Skills

This course of videos will introduce you to creating, devleoping and deploying a Skill for the Alexa platform the contents of this course are

1 - Guide on how to navigate the online editor and create your alexa skill

2 - Guide for creating basic Intents

3 - Setup local environment for development

4 - Debugging example for troubleshooting issues

5 - How to add SSML

6 - How to implement standard cards

7 - Implementing Alexa Presentation language

8 - How to submit skill and go live and common issues

9 - Implementing slots

10 - How dialog works

11 - How to create a custom task

12 - Alexa framework testing

13 - Mocha Chai testing

14 - Utilizing APIs

Any material required will be provided in the video descriptions

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