Setting Image Themes for Your Custom Skill

How nicely you present the cards in your Custom Skill is just as important as the speech of your robot assistant – having the designs eye-catching and suitable will give your Skill that professional look!

Ensure that the images used match your Skill’s theme

Whilst Skills are highly customisable, it is essential to ensure that the images used are sensible and correctly matches the theme of your Skill. For example, it would look highly unprofessional for a Skill about the sea to only have images of the sky or trees.

Choose a background that stands out well but does not clash with the colour of your font

The type of background you use on ‘advanced cards’ should be considered carefully. You want your users to be able to clearly see the text on each card and to appreciate the design. For example, having a yellow background against white text would make the text hard to read and therefore be the wrong choice. A good example would be having a darker colour against white text, allowing the user to easily read the text.

You could choose or design a pattern of your own using the correct colour scheme to make your Skill more interesting to use.

Choose an image of high quality

It is best to avoid pixelated and blurry images as it can ruin the quality of your Skill overall. You can find images of high definition easily by using sites such as “Unsplash” and “Pexels”, which are also royalty free.

Keep all background images of similar colour

Keeping your background images of similar colour will make your Skill look more professional.

Don’t choose background images that are too distracting

Having backgrounds that are distracting makes it difficult for users to concentrate on your Skill and makes it look unprofessional.

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