Professional Voice App

Voice interface for your Resume (CV) to boost your career.
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We will develop a custom interactive basic voice skill that you can interact with, on your phone or any Alexa devices!. After you request your Alexa skill and place the order, we will contact you shortly after via email so we can tailor your skill to your needs! Order now to get your Alexa skill for your personal branding.

The "Professional" Package is best for those who are looking to stand out in their professional career. We will create for you a voice profile which will allow you to have professional details about yourself in a voice-based format on alexa-supported devices.

What this package includes!

. We will create a custom interactive Alexa voice skill with any name you like!
. Provide icons and images for a fluid viewing experience as you require.
. Support to show any images you want to display with your skill.


Voice profile (similar to the link)
Device support (echo dot, echo show, mobile devices)
Support en-GB local
E-mail support
Support response time24hrs
Support and Warranty2 Months

Any questions feel free to contact us at

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