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Why You Should Make a Custom Skill

Every day our lives are flooded with the latest trends and technology, making it hard to keep up with. This can start to make us feel like we are being left behind, but we here at Roybot are here to offer you a stress-free service to create and publish your very own Custom Skill!

Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular and a common misconception is that only very skilled IT technicians would possess the knowledge necessary for creating these sorts of bots, but this is far from the truth. Anyone can create their very own voice assistant with the right tools. One way you can do this is through Amazon’s ‘Alexa’. If you have ever dreamed about getting creative with coding, working with Roybot will be a dream come true!

So, why should you make a Custom Skill?

It’s less time consuming

Making presentations in the past stemmed around lengthy research, lots of papers, planning and script drafting but by creating a Custom Skill, the time required is cut down significantly.


It’s paper-free and environmentally friendly

As a Custom Skill is entirely digital, there will be no need whatsoever for any documents, reducing paper wastage and offering an environmentally friendly alternative to present information.

There is no need for scripts or speeches

There is no need to revise any sort of script since the Skill uses ‘artificial intelligence’ to quickly and easily inform users with short and quick sentences when prompted to. This means that a user can ask questions and have the answer within seconds!

It’s hands-free

A Custom Task is entirely ‘voice activated’ meaning that a user will have both hands free, eliminating the need to sift through your work.

You can learn new skills, including how to program

Programming a Custom Skill is easy and anyone can pick it up, even a beginner. This opens more opportunities for you to learn a new skill without needing to enrol in lengthy, expensive coding courses.

It’s tech-savvy and creative

Artificial Intelligence has gained popularity over recent years and making a Custom Skill is a smart, interesting way for you to show off your creativity with the ability to use and create breath-taking displays to go with your voice assistant.

It’s used by both businesses and individuals

Custom Skills can be used to showcase your skills as an individual, such as with a ‘voice profile’, allowing potential employees to view your CV without reading through pages.

Businesses can use a Custom Skill to ease the stress of managing custom care lines, offer answers quick and easily via voice commands from the customers and inform them of useful information about products.