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Blind Aid

We here at Roybot have developed a Skill specifically designed to help the visually impaired!

How do our Skills help aid the blind and visually impaired?

Our Skill relies on auditory queues to function, meaning it is suitable for those who are visually impaired to interact with our voice assistant. The app can help its users become independent by providing them the ability to access information on the charity without assistance.

You can ask our voice assistant about projects and contact details.

Other features include…

  • Information on classes – Blind Aid run classes on subjects such as creative writing and IT. You can find more information through our Skill!
  • Class booking – you can find out how to sign up for the classes run by Blind Aid
  • Locations of classes – you can ask about the location classes are being held
  • Class times – Find information on the times classes are held
  • Assistant travelling – learn about how to get an assistant during travelling
  • Receive a screenshot of the map – Get an image of the map of Blind Aid

To access our Skill, just say “Alexa, launch Blind Aid Unofficial!”